PERBOOKS not just Textbooks but PERFECTION BOOKS

Perbooks are a perfect way to address the remedial and enrichment needs of all children whether at the top or bottom of a class in a subject. Given as personalised homework, Perbooks reduce teacher workload at the same time as make learning more targeted to individual needs. Instead of being told your child is weak, they the parents have the Perbooks to help their child improve in areas of weakness, or go beyond class level in topics they are good in.

Old school of thought

From: One Year Long Textbook in a subject
To:Six-Part Perfection hooks in a subject

Global Classroom


Six-part Perfection Books are focused on perfection of each part. Overall, students cover more in a year. They look forward to each new perfection book. These link better to a child's psychology and their short time horizons.


Children learn many life skills in the process, for example, team work, leadership, resourceful-ness, sharing, presentation, planning, survey and time management


My work has reduced and my efficiency has doubled

Global Classroom Team member

We guarantee improvement of every class in schools that take up the Global Curriculum

How Does Per Books Benefit Your Child


  • Children are no more discouraged. Report doesn’t say ‘good’, ‘bad’. It just talks about ‘what next’? Remember! Perfection is a continuous process.
  • CWY diagnostic reports help children plan better and study smarter.
  • Management gets assessment booklets for each student along with their personal development plans.
  • CWY develop in study self analysis skills and now they are better at self regulation.
  • Whilst teacher still teaches to the whole class, she can target individual topic needs of each child.
  • It reduces the teacher’s work to half & increases the efficiency

Personalised Targets, Smart Study Plans and Strategies lead to better self-knowledge.

Every child's progress is measured, supported and celebrated.

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