What Makes Us Different

Not just textbooks but perfection books

Books are focused on perfection of each topic. Six-part Perfection Books are focused on perfection of each part. They help to address the remedial and enrichment needs of all children whether at the top or bottom of the class. Overall, students cover more in a year. These link better to a child's psychology and their short time horizons.

Not just activities but a process of perfection

Teaching method adopted is activity based, in which the students participate rigorously and bring about efficient learning experiences. It is a child-centered approach. It is a method in which the child participates actively , both mentally and physically. Learning by action is imperative in successful learning since it is well proved that more the senses are stimulated, more a person learns and longer he/she retains.

Not just tests but CWY that empower every student

Child does not just get marksheet and report card but proper diagnostic reports focusing on individuals strengths and weakness. Personal targets and development reports six times a year in every subject help every child progress more. Accompanied with Management reports help take corrective action at the macro level.

Personalised Targets, Smart Study Plans and Strategies lead to better self-knowledge.

Every child's progress is measured, supported and celebrated.

'CWY' Assessments