Why Compete With Yourself ?

Ever wondered Why does the grass always looks greener on the other side of the hedge? The key to strengthing yourself lies in competing only with yourself and not getting affected by others performance. High performers focus more intently on bettering their own previous efforts than on beating competition. If you must compete, compete with your own potential. Trying your best and not succeeding is not failure. The real failure is in not even trying or trying but not giving it your best shot.

Started by educators & shaped in real classrooms, Global Classroom's CWY grounded by worldwide research of education systems in 38 countries and has been piloted in Iceland, Czech Republic & India. Global classroom is a global educational research organization that provides innovative educational solutions with an inherent ideology of ‘Compete with Yourself’ Beyond 'Compete with others' to 'Compete with yourself!

CWY- Philosophy

As history has witnessed, people who attain the most in life are people who compete with themselves.

The ethics of ‘Compete with Yourself’ or better versed as CWY brings out greater excellence in all children. Every child is empowered with not only the knowledge of her strengths and areas of improvement, every child also receives personalised targets, study materials and strategies to help to compete with herself, and personalised her succeed like never before.

Compete With Yourself

Personalised Targets, Smart Study Plans and Strategies lead to better self-knowledge.

Every child's progress is measured, supported and celebrated.

'CWY' Assessments