Every child's progress is measured, supported and celebrated

A. CWY Provides Every Child's Diagnosis

B. CWY Personalized Targets, Smart Study's Plans & Strategies lead to better self-knowledge. They help every child progress more

  Topics Mostly Understood

  Topics Somewhat Understood

  Topics Not Yet Understood

C. CWY Personalised Study Materials called Perbooks match every child's personal needs exactly and are given as personalised homework. Remedial action & enrichment are thereby personalised to every child's individual needs.

D. Celebrate Progress! A CWY Progress Survey documents progress. Toshifa's results improved from 47% to 91% in just 8 weeks using the CWY Smart Plans and Perbooks

Global Classroom Advantage

  • Taking assessments is a joyful process
  • Information gathered is used to target improvement of every child and class
  • CWY reports make children and parents better informed partners
  • Self-analysis leads children to plan better and study smarter, to set personal goals and manage time more effectively
  • CWY Class Reports help teachers pin point exact areas of need and to teach more effectively
  • Provides direction for everyone's efforts including school management

An Advanced Pedagogy of the child

  • A first assessment called the Baseline Survey is followed by a second assessment called the Progress Survey some 10-12 weeks later
  • In between, the students are provided detailed feedback and personal plans and strategies. They are also provided their personal set of study materials called Perbooks that fit every student's personal diagnosis perfectly.
  • After working with the Perbooks and personal strategies, the students take a Progress Survey.
  • Progress between Baseline and Progress Surveys is measured and the progress of every child and class is celebrated.
  • Children learn valuable life skills in the process: self-evaluation, planning, goal-setting and time management

Personalised Targets, Smart Study Plans and Strategies lead to better self-knowledge.

Every child's progress is measured, supported and celebrated.

'CWY' Assessments